A Prayer

May we never cease to search for the lost or help the found. After all, we were all lost at
some point in our own life but helped by others along the way. Give us the heart to share your compassion with those in desperate need around us and help us to find the way to bring them into your grace. We pray for those who have heard your message but have gone astray and those who have yet to listen. Guide them to realise that only You have the words of eternal life. Amen.
Source: excerpts from https://www.daily-prayers.org/

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About Us: – Capalaba Uniting Church has served the Capalaba, Sheldon and Alexandra Hills areas of the Redlands, on the south-eastern bayside of Brisbane, since 1976. We’re a friendly, neighbourhood-style church with a desire to know Jesus and make him known to the community through worship, witness and service. Our congregation numbers about 40 each week. While we have a wide range of ages, most of our regulars are aged 50-plus.

Our minister

Our minister, Rev Jim Haak, is part-time with us. He works with our church elders in overseeing the worship, preaching and pastoral care of the congregation, and he leads our services generally first and third Sundays of the month. The remaining Sunday/s are led by retired ministers and elders.

The Uniting Church

As part of the Uniting Church in Australia, we stand within the reformed, evangelical tradition of the Christian faith. However, born out of a vision for Christian unity in which three denominations came together, the Uniting Church has a strong commitment to ecumenism (working with other Christian churches) and also to God’s ministry of reconciliation, which it expresses through inclusive communities of faith. We also emphasize and encourage the ministry of every member, with equal opportunities for women and men, young and old. You’ll find more about the Uniting Church on our  Contacts and Links page.

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